Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pikluk! Browser and Email for Kids

I get asked a lot about Pikluk, our new startup venture. Questions like how we are doing and why are we better than NetNanny always come up, especially among my tech-savvy friends. We tried our best to build the web site as simple and informative as possible, but it wouldn't hurt to explain it again, using less marketing-speak.

Pikluk is by far the most simple way to allow your kid to use the Internet. Sure, there are multiple content filtering packages out there, and big companies sell some scary software that literally is indistinguishable from a rootkit that spies on your own children and sends you reports by email. Yes, there are plenty of people doing similar things, but not quite the same.

Pikluk is simple. Just define two lists:

List for the web sites
Another list for email addresses

... and those are the only resources your child will have access to. The entire process takes seconds. Once you're done, you'll have a fully functioning children's browser and secure email.

We have kept it simple, just two main features: secure email for kids, and a safe web browser. Check out the screen shot.

Parents can also explore around and select from the most popular sites that other parents have already added for their kids. Everything is, of course, anonymous.

Pikluk Tech

Our browser is built upon Internet Explorer, and everything about the content and the look and feel is controlled remotely. The content is completely customizable by the parents through the Parent Dashboard on The browser can optionally "lock" your kids in, not allowing them to switch to other programs and wander about.

Pikluk is built on the Linux platform using a couple of dynamic languages, and from my posts it is fairly easy to guess which ones. Starting it up was a lot of fun, especially once first emails from real customers started to pour in. Things got even more exciting once very happy emails started to appear. And of course, we were giddy with excitement when the first paying customers started to trickle in.

Check it out, spread the word! Pikluk - the web browser and email for kids!

P.S. This is my last shameless self-promoting post, I promise :)

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